Serving the Middle East

After two decades of success in the United Kingdom, a niche was identified to bring our expertise, bespoke designs, and exceptional engineering to the Middle East.

Based in Dubai, serving the rest of the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Oman, we offer a range of premium solutions which create flexible parking using underground car lifts, turntables and automatic parking systems for residential and commercial properties, that desire quality and originality.

We pride ourselves on our ability to take concept to creation, providing clients with not only an ingenious solution but an engineering masterpiece that has been built exclusively to meet their needs, tying seamlessly into their space.

Our passion, responsiveness and aftercare on our projects is what set us apart from the rest – our aim is to revolutionise the industry and to provide the best product and service for bespoke car elevators within the UAE and beyond.

Car Lifts

Whilst car lifts are relatively common in the U.K. (over 400 installations in our portfolio), the Middle East is now seeing the benefits of car elevators for luxury villas and apartments.

Eliminating the need for a car ramp, a car elevator not only adds value, convenience, and opulence to a property it is an excellent use of space.

Our car lifts are truly bespoke and are built with longevity and reliability in mind which can only be achieved by using robust, superior quality materials. Our car elevators lift some of the world’s most prestigious cars, any size or weight, at a desired speed and we blend finishes to the client’s interior specification.

We can lift vehicles between floors of car showrooms, store vehicles underground in our car parking lifts, or take clients from the street down into their basement car park without having to leave the comfort of their air-conditioned car.

We take each project from visualisation and see it through to installation; we consider each component carefully to ensure it will perform its role dutifully within a complex system – we ensure our operating systems are simple to use and that our clients and their cars are always safe.

Garage to basement car lift in luxury villa in Dubai
Car Turntable in Mercedes Benz Dubai Design District D3

Car Turntables

Car turntables offer two main benefits – turning vehicles in tight spaces or to showcase cars on the rotating platform as a design feature.

In underground parking areas, the turntable can rotate 360 degrees in either direction at the touch of a button and can also be set to programmed positions so that the car conveniently stops at the desired parking space.

Within the setting of a car showroom or a private car collection, a turntable speaks for itself – set to constant rotation, the turntable will provide a full 360-degree display of the car as a statement piece.

Our most bespoke design used both a rotating platform and lifting mechanism in one to create a turning lift again, such a unique feature uses state-of-the-art engineering to create flow to the experience with a simple “drive on, drive off” design regardless of restrictions with entry and exit.

As with our car lifts, our turntables can be tailored to the vehicle and to complement conceptuals or existing interiors; from a seamless platform finish to LED lighting – our focus is to deliver unparalleled, luxury solutions which stand the test of time as a result of the grade of materials used.

We work closely with architects, clients and main contractors..

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