Our bespoke range of vehicle turntables are the ultimate solution for driveways, car garages and car showrooms that are limited on space.


Total Lifting Solutions’ range of specialist rotating platforms are multi-directional, turning 360 degrees and can be programmed to stop in any position. Our vehicle turntables are available in manual and motorised versions and can be used for cars and lorries in a domestic or commercial setting.

Our bespoke car turntables can be used in a residential setting to aid driveway parking where space is limited and turning is not possible; using a rotating driveway platform enables the end-user to turn the car to the correct exiting position to leave the driveway safely, essential if the property is located on a busy road or has a blind-spot.

Car turntables offer an ideal and practical solution for car showrooms which are usually limited on space, Total Lifting Solutions’ specialist turntables enabling efficient manoeuvrability of vehicles within the confined space of the car showroom.

Our car turntables are manufactured to order, supplied precisely to the site specifications; our portfolio includes bespoke vehicle turntables designed and installed for loads up to 26,000kg.

Our bespoke car turntables are supplied in a painted finish however can be galvanised to ensure many years of longevity. Our turntables can be customised to blend with existing interiors or to match the existing driveways using tiles, tarmac, or even synthetic grass.