Our bespoke range of vehicle turntables are the ultimate solution for driveways, car garages and car showrooms that are limited on space.


A turntable is a practical solution where space is limited and vehicles cannot turn. A turntable is a rotating platform that is flush with the floor and can rotate 360 degrees; it can be used in both residential and commercial settings to turn a vehicle.

With the use of a turntable, residents can drive out of their driveways safely without reversing onto a busy road or struggling with a blind-spot. Drivers can drive onto a platform, rotate it to a programmed position, and then drive away safely.

We provide turntables to a number of car showrooms, which are usually limited on space. Our turntables allow the vehicles to be moved in and out of the buildings safely and easily. Below is an example that incorporates both a turntable and a lift; the client can drive onto the platform, transport cars to multiple levels, and rotate the car at the same time. This means that the car is always in the correct position when reaching the desired floor. Additionally, it is a very unique feature.

We are renowned for supplying bespoke solutions, and our turntables are made to order and designed to fit specific site requirements. As an example, our portfolio includes car turntables between 3-5 tons up to a lorry turntable with a weight capacity of 26 tons. We finish our turntables in a painted finish, however they can be galvanized for years of durability. For clients wishing to preserve the original look of their driveway, the platform can be matched with existing resin, stone, or even artificial grass.

Our clients receive a maintenance plan upon installation that also complies with legal health and safety requirements. Periodic servicing not only prolongs the life of a valuable asset, it also helps us identify any problems early on. Preventative maintenance visits lower the risk of unexpected down-time, particularly in serviced accommodations.

Our turntables are installed and maintained by our directly employed, highly-skilled engineers. This type of service means that the installing engineer will carry out the maintenance in the future.

To discuss your project, please contact a member of our experienced team.

Car Turntables
Car Turntables
Car Turntables

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