Goods Lifts


Lifting systems that are designed to lift goods between levels with ease, minimising risk to the user.


Total Lifting Solutions’ light goods lifts and heavy goods lifts are designed and manufactured to the requirements of clients and their respective industries.

Goods lifts provide the ability to move light, heavy or cumbersome loads between levels efficiently and safely. Our lift industry expertise means that we can design and manufacture platform lifts that are custom-built to the requirements and weight specifications of each client by using a variety of lift engineering.

Our mezzanine lifts are vertical platform lifts that use hydraulics to transport all manner of goods that can also be on trolleys or pallets, between multiple floors within warehouses, factories, workshop or storage facilities. Our portfolio includes specialist heavy goods lifts that transport forklift trucks from loading bays to basement unloading areas, along with efficient pallet lifting systems.

The use of platform lifts is not solely reserved for commercial use; installation in residential developments provides the ability to transport bicycles and large waste wheelie bins from basement storage to street level with ease.

Our unique lifting experience enables us to provide a bespoke lift design to meet the client’s needs, using a full range of lift engineering such as hydraulic lifts, scissor lifts, column lift and rigid chain mechanisms to achieve the desired outcome.

Our goods and service lifts are manufactured using high-quality, durable materials that designed for heavy-use in high traffic environments. Safety has always been a fundamental tenet at Total Lifting Solutions, clients can be reassured that each lift installed incorporates a number of safety features to protect operatives alongside simple yet robust control panels.

Periodic servicing is essential not only to prolong the service life of the equipment and identify issues which could render the lift out of service but to ensure legal obligations are fulfilled. All of our lifts are installed and maintained by our directly employed, highly-skilled engineers.