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Platform Home Lifts


Bespoke, ergonomically designed, luxury home passenger lifts with Artico.


Total Lifting Solutions work with Atrico to design and install beautiful home lifts that provide an essence of luxury and ignite the full potential of your home.

Our home lifts are a spectacular design feature to any home; moulding luxury and accessibility to create a unique selling point. We listen to the needs of our clients, collaborating with architects and contractors or direct with end-users to deliver a functional home lift that blends spatial, comfort and style requirements respectively. All of our home lifts can be retrofitted.

Using minimalist, Scandinavian design, our supplier creates a timeless piece of engineering art that can either blend with existing interiors or be designed as a statement using vibrant colours, glass or Artico’s unique DesignWall™ prints. Thoughtful features have been incorporated into the design and functionality of each home lift, including the use of an app to change the lightening to suit the mood of the house.

All of our lifts are installed and maintained by our directly employed, highly-skilled engineers.

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