Semi Automatic Parking Systems


Multiply the available parking spaces within the same footprint with parking platforms that move horizontally or vertically.


The semi-automatic parking systems from KLAUS Multiparking is as clever as it is simple. The user drives into the parking area, requests a space, and the system will open the gates to allow the driver to park the vehicle on an available parking platform. Behind locked electric sliding gates or doors, the platform then transports the vehicle either vertically or horizontally to the available parking space within the system. When it’s time to leave, the user can retrieve their vehicle at the touch of a button or via electronic operating systems.

  • Freely configurable modular system with parking platforms that move horizontally and vertically
  • Up to 30 per cent more parking spaces within the same area
  • Extra security for vehicles thanks to locked parking spaces
  • Vehicles are protected against vandalism and external influences
  • Available with up to 3 levels with or without a pit
  • Taller cars can also be parked without any problems

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