Fully Automatic Parking Systems


Multiply the number of parking spaces within the same footprint, reduce construction costs and increase property value.


Fully automatic parking systems from KLAUS Multiparking multiply the number of parking spaces in the same area or plan new parking areas that maximum capacity. They are also extremely practical as neither access lanes nor ramps are required.

The user simply parks in the cabin, exits the vehicle, and leaves the rest to the parking system. The car will be sent into the park area and “shelved” into an available bay. Retrieval is at the touch of a button or via an electronic operating system and the car will be delivered into the cabin parked in the direction of exit for ease.

  • Fully automated parking and exiting – no more wasted time searching for a parking space
  • Maximum parking flexibility thanks to optimal space utilisation within the same footprint
  • Configurable modular systems with horizontal and vertical conveyor units
  • Highly secure thanks to locked parking facilities
  • Lower CO2 emissions thanks to automated parking processes
  • Enhanced visual appeal and efficiency of the property
  • Convenient parking experience for motorists
  • Increased property value, reduced construction costs
  • Custom solutions are also possible in the case of structural restrictions

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