Easy Park


A flexible parking system that can at the touch of a button move a car into a space to minimise the risk of impact damage with no additional construction costs.


Total Lifting Solutions’ unique car parking system can resolve problems associated with car parking, when limited on space, using our innovative automated parking system.

Our state-of-the-art flexible parking system can move a car forward, backward or sideways into a small space.

Total Lifting Solutions’ Easy Park system is the ideal solution for single garage parking when the space is too narrow to open the doors to exit the vehicle, and is particularly beneficial for end-users with accessibility issues. This ingenious parking solution will transport the vehicle into the restricted space enabling architects, contractors and end-users to create a functional garage parking even when space is limited.

The space maximising parking system is also an ideal solution for residential properties with double garage parking facilities without a double door. The drive on platform of our Easy Park system will slide the car into the inaccessible space, allowing the client to park a second, or third car into the adjacent garage space.

Total Lifting Solutions’ Easy Park system is flexible for multiple vehicles, fully electric and simple to install and use.

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