Our goods, mezzanine floor, and pallet lifting system uses hydraulics to allow you to lift pallets and goods with ease and minimising risk to the user.

Our lifts can be customised to the individual requirements of our customers:

Load Capacity up to 3000 kilos; Platform Size up to 3 x 3 metres; Travel Height up to 14 metres

These are standard measurements – we are able to provide non-standard sizes and capacities where required

The lifts are constructed using a single mast house within a bespoke self-supporting frame, and the lift frames are supplied with fully interlocking loading gates for each floor.

The range can be surface mounted or flush fit (base plate depth only 130 mm.) Two ‘dead-man’ push button boards with signal lights and safety devices are supplied.

Our goods lift comply with all aspects of the Machine Directive 98/37/EC.

Some of our previous installations

A goods lift to raise pallets to a mezzanine floor for the Happy Egg Company in Aberdeen. With a lifting height of 4 meters, loading capacity of 3000 kilos, and a platform size of 3 x 3 metres.

A large platform goods lift installed at Aerocomposites in Somerset, with a bespoke platform size of 2.5 x 3 metres.

A 1000 kilo capacity goods lift installed at Coleshill in Birmingham travelling 9 meters to 3 floors with a platform 3 x 3 metres to take large stillages storing car parts.