The AutoPark system offers bespoke high intensity vehicle storage, making the most of differently shaped areas such as courtyards, obsolete garages or basements located in city centres. It is an extremely versatile, modular parking system that is flexible and can be adapted to various urban areas.

Our design engineers are able to provide a bespoke system to produce as much car parking as practical. We are able to automate parking either vertically, horizontally, or circularly to make the best possible use of the available space. Vertical parking can be installed above or below ground.

All car movement can be monitored by a central hub which houses a user-friendly PC-Based interface, via cameras placed throughout the system.

Cars entering the system are driven onto a motorised platform. Once the system has confrimed the saftey of the vehicle it will then transport the car to an available space. On returning to pick up a car in larger systems, a pre-booked time can be made which allows the system to store a car closer to the exit for faster retrieval time. Where possible, installation of a turntable makes it possible to orient the vehicle so that it can easily be driven into and out of the parking space.

The parking lot can be fitted with a fire detection and extinguishing system. Safety at all entrances to the parking zone is monitored to prevent anyone from entering the automatic vehicle movement areas. Each System comes with all documentation required by the Machine Directive and has CE marking in compliance with European standard EN 14010.