Our range of parking lifts are designed for transferring vehicles from street level to access underground parking areas. The system is aimed to replace traditional access ramps, thus saving on excavation costs and gaining space. An ideal choice for private houses where high value vehicles can be stored safely in a basement parking area.

The lift roof can be equipped with a recess to accept special tiled finishes that match the existing driveway, and a galvanised pit frame is supplied that will drain surface water. When the lift is lowered, the roof can be safely driven over, thus gaining full use of the driveway. Our complete lifting range is bespoke and made to meet customers specifications:

Platform Width up to 3m; Platform Length up to 6m; Weight Capacity up to 5000 kilos

Car Basement Lift

Designed for pit installation, this car lift consists of a self-supporting platform with its own roof cover allowing Parking of cars on the lift roof. It uses a scissor mechanism and comes with a 'Person On Board' option allowing the driver to remain in the vehicles while the lift is in motion.

Popup Smart Car Lift

Ideally designed to optimise parking space in residential homes where a standard above ground garage may have reduced dimensions, the lift will work using the homes standard electric supply and has a very sturdy 4 column structure ensuring perfect stability and easy installation.


Scissor Lift with Load Bearing Roof

This lift not only allows a second vehicle to be parked on the roof when closed, but can be raised and lowered while the second car remains in place.


Double Scissor Lift

Designed to store up to 3 cars, this double scissor mechanism lift allows 2 cars to be parked underground, leaving the driveway free for a third car to be parked.