Our range of first class electro-hydraulic vehicle lifts are designed for moving vehicles between floors. Our complete lifting range is bespoke and made to meet each customer's specifications.

The lifts can be installed in a variety of configurations depending on the lift location and intended use. All can be fitted with custom surface meterials to match surrounding floors and are fully customisable with bespoke branding available by request:

Lift Height up to 14.5m; Platform Size up to 6 x 3 m; Weight Capacity up to 5 tonnes

Four Column High Rise Lift

This 4 column lift is designed for either indoor, or outdoor use and requires a minimum of structural support from the surrounding building. The outdoor version has the option of a roof to keep your vehicle protected.


Scissor Lift


Our Range of Hydraulic Scissor Lifts provide a safe and stable platform to raise and lower cars to levels up to 6 Meters, virtually silent in operation they can be surface mounted or placed within a lift pit as low as 360mm.

Car Scissor Lifts

We have been installing Scissor lifts for 20 years during which time over 300 car scissor lifts have been installed throughout the UK by our own fully employed team of factory trained engineers